ARPHA powers an open access book-publishing platform, providing a semantically enriched and modern medium for your book titles. With ARPHA, learned societies, universities and publishers can also establish their own white-label platforms to manage and host newly published or legacy books, boosted by an advanced open access environment. 

While making the most of published content, book publishers will also enjoy ARPHA’s enhanced management functionality and workload-reducing tools:

  • Integrated submission, reviewing, production and publishing modules. 
  • Due date control & reminders.
  • Controlling staff’s roles and rights.
  • CrossRef DOIs assignment and management.
  • Indexing and archiving with industry’s leading services.
  • Download and usage metrics.

For the benefit of readers, published content comes with a number of semantic enhancements to boost their experience, including:

  • Publication in semantic HTML, XML and PDF.  
  • Easy navigation within the book’s content.  
  • Cross-linked in-text citations of literature references, figures, tables and supplementary files.  
  • Post-publication comments, reviews and annotations. 
  • Cited-by records display.  
  • Article- and sub-article level metrics (for figures and tables).  
  • XML tagging of the published content to facilitate machine-readability.  
  • Data publication via supplementary files or data repositories.
  • Publication of multimedia (videos, sound, 3D, MicroCT images, interactive keys). 
  • Digitisation and advanced online publication of historical titles.  
  • Other (see full list of services).

Why choose ARPHA?


Single open access books

New and legacy books alike can benefit from publication in semantically enriched HTML, XML and PDF formats and from high level of content dissemination offered by ARPHA’s Advanced Books Platform

Alongside ARPHA’s  advanced online formats, there is also the possibility to print on demand or provide large print runs on offset printing (both paperback and hardcover), as well as the use of ARPHA’s professional book design services.