Institutional documents

Although large institutions and organisations often manage and publish a substantial amount of grey literature, solutions on the market meeting this specific need remain scarce.

Now, ARPHA offers a document-handling, end-to-end platform allowing the publication and preservation of important institutional outputs that could otherwise remain on the shelves, including:

  • Grant proposals
  • Reports
  • Policy briefs
  • White papers
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Others

ARPHA provides assistance in institutional document management by providing a number of useful tools and workflows within its authoring, submission and revision modules:

  • Pre-defined but customisable templates for each document type to guide authors.
  • Collaborative authoring and reviewing environment of the ARPHA Writing Tool.
  • Easy management of roles and responsibilities within the team.
  • Due date control & reminders.
  • Management statistics.

To ensure visibility and re-use of otherwise overlooked research outcomes that class as "grey literature", publishable documents can now be hosted as citable publications on your own institutional platform. The perks for using ARPHA include:

  • Logo and branding development.
  • Website design, setup and maintenance.
  • Both human- (semantically enhanced HTML and PDF) and machine-readable (semantically tagged XML) versions of the publications.
  • Division of document collections by type and date.
  • CrossRef DOIs assignment and management.
  • Post-publication comments, annotations and review functionality.
  • On-publication dissemination and archiving across appropriate platforms.
  • Other (see full list of services)